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  1. The ottoman adopts the design of wide heavy gauge links and built-in articulating elevated mid-ottoman. Profile shape designed for safety and appearance without pinch points. Articulating designs allows use of wider & higher mid-ottoman for elimination of entrapment areas and for leg support.

  2. The customer has several options as to how to activate the mechanism. There are cable style, outside handle style and inside handle style. Easy operation. Customer can choose to use handle or lever activation to open the mechanism and the color of the handle or lever. Slight footrest pressure will allow closing the ottoman.

  3. The system uses direct drive with double locks. The direct drive with double over-centre locks enables maximum synchronization of side positive locking of both sides. Square drive tube connects to and controls both left and right sides. Ottoman is locked closed on both sides.

  4. Minimum stack-up design. The adoption of the flatter links and wider base mounting points enables greater bending resistance and greater stability and strength. It improves weight capacity and durability. The mechanism base width is closer to seat width while maintaining sufficient clearance between links to eliminate possibility of interference.

  5. The system uses the extended life rivet joints design. All rivet joints have either acetal or bronze rivet bushing and acetal spacers to eliminate any steel to steel contact. No metal to metal noises when links contact nylon stop pins.

  6. Interchangeable on wood frame design. The wood frames designed for the rocker recliner, motorized lift are all interchangeable.

  7. Specification of the recliners: -1-2-3..... can be custom-made accordingly.

  8. It is exchangeable with 4181.

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